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Calendar13 February – Alison, Ellie and Michelle

Calendar13 February – Alison, Ellie and Michelle

  This is the February page from ScienceGrrl’s 2013 calendar. It stars: Alison Auld, MEng, is a PhD student at Durham University. She is researching ways of generating energy from the unused heat generated in industrial processes. She doesn’t think we should “waste waste!” This is especially important in a world where fuel sources are(…)

Calendar13 January – Ceri and Lia

Calendar13 January – Ceri and Lia

This is the January page from ScienceGrrl’s 2013 Calendar.  It stars: Ceri Brenner, PhD, works as a research scientist at the Central Laser Facility at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire, and is also a technical laser specialist for the Science and Technology Facilities Council Harwell Imaging Partnership. Her PhD was in laser-plasma physics, which she(…)

And a word from our sponsors

And a word from our sponsors

This week, after a three-and-a-half-months of hard graft, our calendar went to print. We have Cosima Dinkel to thank for the design, photographers Ben Gilbert, Greg Funnell and Naomi Goggin for the pictures and Louise Crane our Producer (and her team of researchers, writers and production assistants) for everything else.

Blast from the past

The best thing about ScienceGrrl is that it is often a total blast, great fun with amazing people. Monday 1st of October was one such day. I legged it out of the office at 11:35am, got stuck in studenty traffic and only just made it onto the 12:15am to London Euston. I flicked between phone(…)

A girl in a boys’ world?

When I was sixteen, I sat on a wooden stool in my chemistry class. The whole class sat around one huge laboratory bench and most of the faces that stared back at me were boys. It was the same in maths and physics. I was girl in a boys’ world. Where were the girls? At(…)

Hey, Miss Producer!

Hello everyone. I thought it was about time to introduce myself. I’m Louise and I’m the producer for the ScienceGrrl Calendar 2013. What does this mean, exactly? Well, to use my favourite literary device, the analogy, and my favourite animal, the swan: I’m the webbed feet of a magnificent, beautiful bird, paddling furiously to keep(…)