ScienceGrrl Team

Heather Williams with a positron tomography scanner

Dr Heather Williams

Heather is a Consultant Medical Physicist heading up Nuclear Medicine at The Christie, leads the Manchester chapter, and helps out with social media, the website, finances...


Dr Toria Stafford

Toria is a chemist working in the Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester, and an active member of the Manchester chapter. She is also working on our newsletter - watch this space!



School Science lead
Dr Liz Chilvers

Liz did her PhD in biomolecular archaeology, took a career break, and then retrained as a primary school teacher. She is behind many of our cool demos and our primary school science resources.



Comms / Social Media
Tori Blakeman

Tori studied neuroscience and science communication before moving into public relations, and is now a PR Account Director. She is also an accomplished dancer, and leads our Dance x Science workshops.

Photo of Helen Chamberlain

Comms / Social Media
Helen Chamberlain

Helen is a health data analyst for a cancer charity, with a background in astrophysics and radiotherapy physics. She loves being involved in science outreach, from mentoring to summer camps.



Comms / Social Media
Ciara Higham

Ciara studied Maths and Physics before moving on to fluid dynamics for her MSc, and now PhD. She is also enthusiastic about all forms of public engagement and science communication.



Dr Anna Zecharia

Anna trained as a neuroscientist before joining the British Pharmacological Society, where she is now the Director of Policy and Public Affairs.

Ellie Cosgrave

Dr Ellie Cosgrave

Ellie is an engineer, and currently Director of CIC and Research at Publica and Associate Professor in Urban Innovation and Policy at UCL