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through both eyes thumbRead the ScienceGrrl report on STEM skill shortages and the lack of female representation in these fields:
Through Both Eyes: the case for a Gender lens in STEM

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@BlotReport @astro_jje We have a very long list of people who are passionate about science AND their families AND art AND dancing AND their pets AND cycling AND interior design.... The list goes on. Scientists don't just science. They are often much more than this.

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Pants in spaaaaace!

Pants in spaaaaace!

Pictured left to right: Becky John of WhoMadeYourPants, Liz Bonnin of BBCs ‘Bang Goes the Theory’ and ‘Stargazing Live’ and Heather Williams of ScienceGrrl, each holding a pair of pants which make up our new unique product. Thanks to the Science Museum for permission to also feature the model of the Hubble Space Telescope, in(…)

Maths?… no thanks

Maths?… no thanks

Last week I was sorting through my ScienceGrrl e-mail and came across a really encouraging message from a lady who’d just returned to study Maths in her 50s. I thought it sounded like she had a story to tell, and asked her to write a blog for us. Which she did. I give you –(…)