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through both eyes thumbRead the ScienceGrrl report on STEM skill shortages and the lack of female representation in these fields:
Through Both Eyes: the case for a Gender lens in STEM

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ScienceGrrl and International Women’s Day

ScienceGrrl and International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women worldwide. In Russia (and elsewhere, I believe) it’s a public holiday. Here at ScienceGrrl, we wanted to take the opportunity this presented to highlight the great work that women are doing in science. The recent WISE report highlighted that only 13% of the STEM workforce are women,(…)

The first ScienceGrrl AGM!

The first ScienceGrrl AGM!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Isla Stevens, who will now regale us with merry tales of Friday’s first ever ScienceGrrl AGM. Over to you, Isla! Last Friday I was lucky enough to be able to fit in a trip to London for the first ever ScienceGrrl AGM – calendars, tote bags and posters everywhere.(…)

Feminine Science Role Models… and other bad ideas

News of research indicating that feminine scientists may actually put girls off science raised a few eyebrows at Soho Skeptics last month… so we asked the fantabulous Michelle Brook to do some digging and find out what that paper really said: What does a scientist look like? In an ideal world, if we asked a(…)

…and a Happy New Year!

2012 was quite a year for ScienceGrrl. We formed in June, and in just over 4 months produced our beautiful 2013 calendar. Following the launch party in October, over 850 copies of the calendar have flown out to take their places in homes, schools and offices across the world. The Christmas break has given us(…)