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Introducing WAX Science in France

Introducing WAX Science in France

This is a guest blog from Flora Vincent, who co-founded WAX Science WAX Science is a French association born in March 2013, co-founded by Aude Bernheim and myself, Flora Vincent. It all started in November 2012, when our team won the video contest

Bioengineer on a mission

Bioengineer on a mission

“My name is Jenna Stevens-Smith and I am a bioengineer.” When I tell people that, 90% of the time their first response is “Really?” It used to annoy me that people didn’t think I looked like I could be a scientist or engineer, but now I quite enjoy the conversation that follows and the slight(…)

Swansea ScienceGrrl launch

The official Swansea ScienceGrrl launch was a fantastically well-attended event held in the SURF Room in Swansea University on 28 November 2013. We ushered more and more people into the room – until there was only standing room available!  The atmosphere began to buzz with anticipation, excitement and a good deal of curiosity as to(…)

ScienceGrrl chapters get own pages and posts

Some ScienceGrrl chapters have asked to have their own pages and posts here on the ScienceGrrl website. So that’s what we are introducing! You will be able to find individual chapter pages from the top menu under Local. Liverpool and Swansea are the first to go live: It’s up to each group what they want(…)

Does brain size matter: time to stop this nonsense

It’s male and female brains time again! Why are some researchers and journalists hooked on sensationalism? Our resident neurotrash warrior Prof Gina Rippon takes a look behind the headlines at the latest offender. She’s not going anywhere – and we’re not standing for this nonsense any longer. We want better science. Gina  will be tackling(…)