The Wonder of… Bluedot 2023!

Poster for the ScienceGrrl stand at Bluedot 2023, created by KeirMB

This year we return, again, to the Star Field overlooked by the Lovell Telescope for three days of chat, laughs, and interactive demos for all ages as part of Bluedot Festival.

Our theme this year is “The Wonder Of…”

On Friday, we will studying the “The Wonder of the Tiny” – looking at molecules and the microscopic.

On Saturday, we will be going large with “The Wonder of the Ginormous” – building our own solar system, and finding our how planes fly and buildings stand up.

On Sunday, we will centre in on everyone’s favourite reference point in the universe, “The Wonder of You”. Join us to learn about fingerprints, DNA, how we see inside people’s bodies with medical imaging… and we’ll be joined by Women of Science to chat about what your story in science might sound like.

AND on Saturday, please join us at 11:30am as we lead our “Dance x Science” workshop from the Big Bang stage – shake yourself awake and learn some science as you go, with our team members who happen to be exceptional dancers as well as fabulous scientists!

If that all sounds very cool, there are still a few tickets available for the festival. Don’t miss out – see you there?