ScienceGrrl chapters get own pages and posts

Some ScienceGrrl chapters have asked to have their own pages and posts here on the ScienceGrrl website. So that’s what we are introducing!

You will be able to find individual chapter pages from the top menu under Local. Liverpool and Swansea are the first to go live:

screen shot of new menus showing ScienceGrrl chapter pages

It’s up to each group what they want on their page, but they are likely to contain links to the chapter’s posts and local events and a contact form.

Swansea is leading the way with a post about their launch event. Chapter blog posts will appear on our Home Page and News page . You can tell at a glance which is a national article and which is local – national posts will continue to have a purple background and local posts will be in blue (like this one).

Chapter events will also continue to appear on our Home page and in the list in the sidebar on the right.

We hope this will give ScienceGrrl readers the best of both worlds. Local groups can post local information but everyone nationally will also be able to see it and may be inspired by it!

We currently have 15 local chapters.   If you would like to be put in touch with your nearest one, contact us.