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Through Both Eyes: the case for a Gender lens in STEM

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OtotheB : app for girls in STEM and entrepreneurship, brought to you by Stemettes

Our sisters in STEM over at Stemettes have released a fab new app, OtotheB, designed to create a global¬†online platform for girls interested in STEM and entrepreneurship. It is free to download from the¬†Google Play¬†and¬†iTunes¬†stores. It gives girls access to: ‚ÄúMotivation Mondays‚ÄĚ: Access to exclusive interviews with inspiring women in STEM, and the chance to(…)

Kicking the Elephant Out of the Room

Our network of ScienceGrrl members runs to over 400 nationwide. Where possible, we link our¬†members with local chapters, headed up by enthusiastic chapter leads. Chapters provide¬†opportunities for informal networking, peer support, and grass-roots activism and public¬†engagement, often in partnership with local initiatives. This post is the first in a short series by Sarah Hughes, our(…)

Pleased to Meet You…. Franzi Sattler

Hello! Who are you, what’s your job title and what do you do all day? Hello! ¬† My ¬†name ¬†is ¬†Franzi, ¬†I ¬†just ¬†turned ¬†28, and ¬†I ¬†was ¬†born ¬†and ¬†raised ¬†in ¬†Berlin, Germany. ¬†I’m ¬† currently ¬†a ¬†2nd ¬†year ¬†Master ¬†student ¬†and ¬†this ¬†summer ¬†I ¬†will ¬†get ¬†my ¬† M.Sc. ¬† in Evolutionary ¬†Biology,(…)

Eleni Charalambous – a passion for science that keeps on growing

It’s British Science Week, and many of our members are busy sharing their love of science with the world, and particularly young people who are considering their strengths and abilities and beginning to decide of the type of career they may wish to pursue. It’s natural that those who are so¬†enthusiastic¬†about¬†their scientific work will¬†quietly ¬†–(…)

Science, parenting, and resisting easy answers

Today, to mark International Women’s Day, I took part in an event organised by the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Life Sciences entitled “Becoming the Best”. I joined a panel discussion in which 5 women with STEM degrees talked about¬†their career paths and what had helped them along the way, then took questions from the(…)

Alison Diaper – on Brain Stimulation and True Inspiration

Alison Diaper is at the forefront of the NHS, quietly but confidently working behind the scene¬†to¬†improve our scientific¬†knowledge. She is studying a range of drugs including hypnotics, anxiety¬†inhibitors, antidepressants and drugs that inhibit pain. She is also working to improve deep brain¬†stimulation (DBS) therapies and systems.¬† In this interview with ScienceGrrl’s Jessica Simpson,¬†Alison takes some(…)