Oxford chapter

Hello and welcome to the newish Oxford chapter of ScienceGrrl!

We probably ought to be called the “Oxfordshire-and-slightly-beyond Chapter” but we’ll stick with plain old “Oxford” for convenience. So far we have had interest from far and wide: Brize Norton, Banbury, Bicester, Oxford itself and Reading.

At our first meeting we drew up an ambition mission statement

“In line with and in support of ScienceGrrl’s national efforts, the Oxford Chapter aims to bring science to the next generation at a local level. Our vision is one of engaging with the community through both independent action and partnerships with exis ing STEM programme. We are developing a network of individuals in Oxfordshire who can educate and encourage young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths, whilst at the same time taking steps to improve gender equality in the STEM industry. Challenging gender perceptions is an ambitious task, but one we can help tackle one step at a time. Coming from a range of backgrounds our network of scientists is well equipped to cover a variety of interests, across the whole county.”

…sounds good, huh?!  Along the way we are hoping to have a lot of fun as well!


We got featured on the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences blog!


If you would like to get in touch and get involved please contact us on twitter  or via our Facebook group

Filipa Vance (ex-scientist working in academic admin at Warwick uni) @PipaVance
Jena Meinecke (physics PhD student at Oxford uni)
Becky Smith (helicopter engineering apprentice at Oxford Airport) @Becky_Smith91