Congratulations to Heather on her MBE!

Heather Williams with a positron tomography scanner

Dr Heather Williams with the PETCT scanner at The Christie hospital
Photo credit: Medical Illustration, The Christie

Congratulations to ScienceGrrl Director Dr Heather Williams on receiving an MBE in the 2021 New Years’ Honours, for services to diversity and inclusion in science.

Heather says: “I’m delighted to have been nominated for this honour and am very pleased that diversity and inclusion in science has been recognised as a worthwhile goal, which has yet to be achieved, and still requires attention and effort. I am not alone in this endeavour and would like to thank all those who are working to ensure science really is for everyone.”

And Heather still has no idea who nominated her, so if that was you, THANKYOU!

If you’d like to interview Heather, you can send a message here or contact her directly via Twitter.