Hi from a Clinical Technologist and nerdy cat lady!

I’m Liz Britland. Liz Britland at The ChristieI have been working as a Clinical Technologist at The Christie Hospital in Manchester for just over a year.

My day to day work includes testing X-ray equipment, fluoroscopy equipment and CT Scanners and going to Radiation Protection Meetings for the Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust.

I completed my degree in Physics with Medical Applications BSc (Hons) from the University of Liverpool in 2011. The final year of my degree was spent researching the use of CdZnTe Detectors in SPECT Imaging. My Dad was my main inspiration for working in Medical Physics and I have wanted to work in the field since I was 11.

Getting the job I wanted

I was applying for jobs for the last 6 months of my degree with the hope that soon after I finished I would have a job; or at least a few interviews. I did, I got one interview, The Christie Hospital as a maternity cover Clinical Technologist. I had the interview 2 or so weeks after I graduated, I was nervous but confident, I thought it went very well but sorry to say; I didn’t get it. They went with someone with more experience.

A year of agency jobs, a cleaning job in a Hospice and other bits and pieces went by before a job came up on the NHS website… full time Clinical Technologist at The Christie! So I applied and got another interview.

In the few months between applying and the interview date, I got in touch with Heather Williams about getting involved with ScienceGrrl.  She offered me a work experience day to help with my interview and it certainly did, it showed I was dedicated and interested in the subject. So this application had a happier ending. I got the job, in fact I got the phone call before I’d even got back home!

So despite having a 2.2 in my degree, not really having any relevant work experience, I did it, I got into the field I’d always wanted to be in. I think that my personality, confidence and dedication to my chosen subject were more important than anything on the day of the interview. I am now in a wonderful and supportive team but I had to work blummin’ hard to get here.

Outside work

I am also the Merchandiser for ScienceGrrl and run the shop from my home, see my blog post on setting up the shop for my merchandise antics.

I also help out at events in the North West. I am currently looking forwards to being a ScienceGrrl ambassador helping on Zoo Bus at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham this March.

In my spare time I like to play computer and board games with friends, I have 2 little chinchillas (Boomer and Starbuck), 1 cat (Salem) and I enjoy going to comedy nights, gigs and theatre.

Liz x