Christmas Prize Draw – and the winners are…

photo of the 5 books to be raffledThe Christmas Prize Draw closed at 6pm on Thursday 12th December, after which it was over to Jon Wood, Birmingham chapter lead, to tell us which of the 766 tickets belonged to 5 lucky winners. These were selected using a rather fabulous retro random number generator which bears a striking resemblance to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum of my youth:

The winning numbers selected the following lucky individuals (from Sara Williams‘ epic spreadsheet), who will be shortly receiving their autographed book in the post:

Claire Potter  – Wonders of Life
Robert Woodman  – Wonders of the Universe
Pauline McIntyre  – Wonders of the Solar System
Daniel Glazebrook  – The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen
Corey Higham – Why does E=mc2? (and Why Should We Care?)

Happy Christmas everyone!

And thankyou to you all for entering, our prize draw raised over £300 for ScienceGrrl projects in 2014.