Calendar13 June – Suze

Suze on the June pageThis is the June page from ScienceGrrl’s 2013 calendar.  It stars:

Sujata Kundu, PhD, completed her doctorate in materials chemistry at UCL during production of this calendar in 2012. For her thesis, she designed materials capable of capturing energy from the sun and then using that energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This hydrogen can be used as a fuel to produce heat, or, if burned within a fuel cell, electricity.

The only by-product of this burning is water, so no greenhouse gases are produced – making it environmentally friendly. This technology, known as “artificial photosynthesis”, is potentially more efficient than solar panels.

Suze is now enrolled in the INSPIRE programme at Imperial College London, where she takes her research into schools to demystify scientific careers and enthuse the next generation of scientists. Outside of the lab and the classroom, she runs a science-themed open mic night called Science Showoff, has completed the London Marathon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, and loves Disney, dancing, shoes and Muse.

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