Calendar13 August – Lucy, Sheila, Helen and Daniel

AugustThis is the August page of ScienceGrrl’s 2013 calendar. It stars:

Lucy Olukogbon is a physiology undergraduate at Cardiff University. She works closely with schools, Sixth Forms and colleges to bring creative and interactive science education to the classroom. She loves engaging with students who may have previously written off science, and in her spare time enjoys dancing and music.

Sheila Dargan, PhD, has a research background in learning and memory and is currently a lecturer in physiology at the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University. She is passionate about inspiring the next generation of students and, through her public engagement work, anyone else who crosses her path.

Helen Whall is a first year medical student at Lancaster University, where she hopes to become “the best doctor she can”. She was inspired to study medicine by her A-level biology lessons and a desire to further study anatomy and physiology in particular. She describes herself as an “avid fan of psychology”, with an interest in the neuroscience of learning and memory. When she can, she heads to the Alps for snowboarding.

Daniel is the son of physiologist Sarah Hall. He has just started Year 7 and is loving his first experiences of chemistry, “especially the Bunsen burners!”. He thinks that it is “really cool” that his mum is a scientist, because he gets to “look around in the labs and measure things like how breathing changes” as a result of exercise. He loves science because he enjoys “doing practical experiments and finding out new things about the world.”

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