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First ScienceGrrl AGM

The first ScienceGrrl AGM!

By Dr Heather Williams / February 20, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Isla Stevens, who will now regale us with merry tales of Friday’s first ever ScienceGrrl AGM. Over to you, Isla! Last Friday I was lucky enough to be able to fit in a trip to London for the first ever ScienceGrrl AGM – calendars, tote bags and posters everywhere.…

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The amazing adventures of the ScienceGrrl 2013 calendar

By Dr Heather Williams / February 17, 2013

It’s mid-February. When you have spent the last 4 months of your life flogging 2013 calendars, mid-February is a good time to be able to say ‘we have none left’. A mere 2 hours before the ScienceGrrl launch party in October, I took delivery of 1500 copies of the ScienceGrrl 2013 calendar and arranged them…

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Feminine Science Role Models… and other bad ideas

By Dr Heather Williams / February 4, 2013

News of research indicating that feminine scientists may actually put girls off science raised a few eyebrows at Soho Skeptics last month… so we asked the fantabulous Michelle Brook to do some digging and find out what that paper really said: What does a scientist look like? In an ideal world, if we asked a…

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…and a Happy New Year!

By Dr Heather Williams / January 7, 2013

2012 was quite a year for ScienceGrrl. We formed in June, and in just over 4 months produced our beautiful 2013 calendar. Following the launch party in October, over 850 copies of the calendar have flown out to take their places in homes, schools and offices across the world. The Christmas break has given us…

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Hopefully, with the help of groups like ScienceGrrl, this can change

By Dr Heather Williams / December 3, 2012

Here’s the second of our guest blogs from a female A-level science student, Becky Maggs. Thanks very much to her for her honesty – we’re honoured that she’s found ScienceGrrl an encouragement and inspiration. “There’s a lot of pressure for everyone at A-levels. This isn’t helped when you’re the only girl in a class full…

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Mission Discovery & ScienceGrrl

By Dr Heather Williams / December 1, 2012

We’re very excited about the projects that we will be able to invest in using the proceeds from the sale of the ScienceGrrl calendar 2013. We currently have a consultation open to help guide what we should be doing, but have already committed to one particular project – we’ll be funding a team of 6…

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“ScienceGrrl is just what I need”

By Dr Heather Williams / November 16, 2012

Over the last few weeks ScienceGrrl has been fortunate to get a few e-mails from young women who have found out about us and are encouraged in their love of science by what we are doing and how we are doing it. This, in turn, encourages us a great deal – we are getting something…

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Opening the gate to the road less taken

By Dr Heather Williams / November 8, 2012

I may be slightly biassed, being married to a teacher, but I think they get a pretty rough time of it. Most teachers work hard during term-time (and a fair bit of their ‘holidays’ too), often doing a demanding job under less than optimal conditions. And when anything goes wrong in society, you can bet…

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And a word from our sponsors

By Dr Heather Williams / October 14, 2012

This week, after a three-and-a-half-months of hard graft, our calendar went to print. We have Cosima Dinkel to thank for the design, photographers Ben Gilbert, Greg Funnell and Naomi Goggin for the pictures and Louise Crane our Producer (and her team of researchers, writers and production assistants) for everything else.

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Blast from the past

By Dr Heather Williams / October 7, 2012

The best thing about ScienceGrrl is that it is often a total blast, great fun with amazing people. Monday 1st of October was one such day. I legged it out of the office at 11:35am, got stuck in studenty traffic and only just made it onto the 12:15am to London Euston. I flicked between phone…

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What’s up, Doc?

By Dr Heather Williams / September 11, 2012

One of our Twitter followers asked how those not connected to us via the joys of social networking can keep up-to-date with what ScienceGrrl are doing. I directed them to this blog… and then had an “ahhhhhhhhh” moment when I realised I hadn’t actually updated it very recently.  So here is the Director’s update. Beware…

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What a difference a day makes

By Dr Heather Williams / August 17, 2012

After last night’s post, I thought it was time for a brief update on what so many of our Twitter followers may be wondering… so what happened yesterday? What did I miss? I decided back in July that I really needed to come down to London about once a month whilst we are working on…

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Leading the conversation

By Dr Heather Williams / August 16, 2012

In her opening blog for ScienceGrrl, our producer Louise Crane described me as ‘leading the conversation’. On reflection, I think this is a fairly accurate description of my role as ScienceGrrl Director. I joined Twitter back in May, after reading an article about how more researchers needed to join to promote their work, network with…

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