All hail Suzi, Queen of Science Blogging

Here at ScienceGrrl HQ, aka Crumble Towers, we would like to thank the Good Thinking Society and Soho Skeptics for awarding Suzi Gage on behalf of ScienceGrrl the joint-first place prize for people who can write good and do other good stuff too. ScienceGrrl is delighted that this award goes to our month of April. Like Simon Cowell to Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and that cute one who Cheryl Cole clearly fancied but was basically too old for it to not be weird, we feel we have nurtured Suzi to the point at which she was able to connect meaningfully to her readership, make Ben Goldacre’s favourite data analysis tool seem mildly interesting and use apostrophes correctly.

We we would like to thSuzi Gage "Miss April" ank our mums, dads, agents, the people who printed our awesome calendar, which you can buy  at the lowlow price of just £12, the staff at Caledonian Road Post Office and producer Louise’s pet cat Loki, who has a few words to say here:


To celebrate Suzi’s our success, we are removing the cost of postage and packaging from our calendars for 12 hours only*. Shop while it’s hot!

In all seriousness, huge congratulations to Suzi Gage, who is a PhD student at the University of Bristol and who has just been awarded joint first place in the first UK Science Blog Prize for her blog ‘Sifting the Evidence’. Suzi is our Miss April and we are very proud of her. David Colquhoun was her co-winner. He is not in the ScienceGrrl calendar.