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ScienceGrrl Glasgow’s first get together was between two strangers and an adorable baby at 11 am on Tuesday the 25th June 2013 in Tinderbox on Byres Road. Since then we have grown steadily in number and diversity.

Among our members are undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic researchers, Mums, Dads (yes – we let men in, as long as they are well behaved), scientists in industry, teachers and informal science educators, government scientists and even flying doctors. If you share our core mission of encouraging and promoting girls and women in and into science we are delighted to have you along. This means our combined breadth of knowledge and experience is vast and we have members able to act as mentors, as sounding boards and as kindly Aunties who possibly drink too much Gin.

We are also a busy chapter. We are always looking to promote gender neutral policy in Scotland regarding STEM teaching, training and careers. Although we aren’t averse to contributing to the odd report, our particular methodology tends to centre on enjoying ourselves and inviting others to explore and enjoy science through our public engagement work.

Also we have minions (apparently).


Regular ScienceGrrl Glasgow Gatherings are posted on our Facebook group, on twitter, and on this page, as are opportunities for getting involved in our science outreach activities. Please come and join us to find out more, eat cake and sometimes drink Gin (other liquors are available).



ScienceGrrl Glasgow will be hosting a ‘science ceilidh’ (think Orcadian Strip the Double Helix and The Dashing White Blood Cell) in the Glasgow Science Centre on the 7th of March 2015. This is going to be a major event for around 300 people and a glittering night of dancing and entertainment. We have previously asked for volunteers to help in the organisation and running of the evening and if you replied the minions will be in touch with you soon. If anyone else has the time and would like to be part of the organising committee let me know. To give you an idea we need people to take charge of the ticketing, looking after the band and entertainment and a raffle among other things.

Becky is in talks with Soapbox Science to bring it to Scotland for the first time next June 2015. This is a pre-call to make you aware it is hopefully happening and to think about if you would like to take part. More details on Soapbox Science


Partnering with Glasgow City of Science
As of the 1st of August 2014, ScienceGrrl Glasgow is incredibly proud to have been invGlasgow City of Science Logoited to become partners with Glasgow City of Science.

This umbrella organisation works tirelessly to promote the West of Scotland as a worldwide centre of excellence for science teaching, science research and industrial science and we are looking forward to a productive and dynamic partnership.

Call for proposals to deliver science activities to children in Yorkhill hospital
Tkiltwalk chequehanks to the heroic efforts of the ScienceGrrl Glasgow team in the 2014 Glasgow KiltWalk (see photo for the £900 cheque we received!) we are extremely proud to announce a series of public engagement grants. We are seeking proposals to deliver science activities to children in Yorkhill hospital, especially those in isolation. This is a hugely underserved audience, and a challenging one to design activities for. BUT NOT AS CHALLENGING AS YOU MIGHT THINK!

Let your imaginations run free – how could you bring science and a little ray of fun into the lives of sick kids?

It gets better… You will be doing an amazing thing that will bring smiles to children, parents and staff, but you will be working for yourself too. Those of you not already with experience in grant applications, budget management, time and project management and public engagement development and delivery on your cv’s will be able to legitimately say that you have.

Grants are only open to SG members. If you aren’t a member, membership only costs £5 a year. Get on it!

For full terms and conditions, a copy of the application form and some further notes on our audience and extra considerations that will have to be taken into account, get in touch with us through Facebook or one of the other contacts below.

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