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 Welcome to ScienceGrrl Aberdeen!

Aberdeen ScienceGrrls is still young but growing steadily with a diverse range of members. If you share our core mission of encouraging and promoting girls and women in and into science we are delighted to have you along. Just come along to one of our meetings, drop us an email or talk to us at one of our events.

In the past we have been involved in events during British Science Week and our Super Hero event was such a great success that we are repeating it this year. Otherwise we have danced to science-themed songs, gave talks, and are planning more Super Hero events and career talks this year.

So why not come and be part of it and join our local network? We meet regularly, usually socially over a coffee/drink, to share ideas and support each other. See our contact details below.

Gatherings & Events

ScienceGrrl Aberdeen Gatherings usually happen at the Bar Below on Belmont Street. Get in touch and join us for one of our meetings. You will have the opportunity of getting involved in our science outreach activities or just network with other ScienceGrrls from Aberdeen.

How much fun can you have with a dead fish?

What happens when you put some ScienceGrrl’s in a lab full of 3-12 year olds, plus parents…with some dead fish and a dissection kit? The Aberdeen chapter of ScienceGrrl did just that at a Family Fun Day run by Aberdeen Science Centre. ScienceGrrl Aberdeen Fun day

On 27th February Aberdeen Science Centre opened their doors for a Free Community Fun Day. This Fun Day is to encourage members of Aberdeen’s communities who wouldn’t normally engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to come along and have fun with it and see that STEM is for everyone.

Anna, Charlotte and Abi set up some simple ‘kitchen science’ demos for the children (and adults!) to try their hands at and challenged them to a game of “Scientist – Not a Scientist” to show them that scientists don’t all wear white coats. The children were encouraged to draw pictures of scientists or encourage themselves as scientists.

They also performed dissections on dogfish, red gurnard and mackerel which the kids loved watching and got stuck right in feeling the internal organs and learning about their function!

Other past Events

• We hosted Career Night Talks at the Marine Laboratory on the 19th of March aimed at secondary school girls across Aberdeen (and beyond) with a wide range of speakers.

• We were involved in the Discovery Day at the Satrosphere on March 21st for our Super Hero Event, which is an event for families with the focus on primary aged children.

• Check out how much fun everyone had at 2014’s Super Hero Event

• A fundraising Ceilidh with science-themed dances!

• Our own Sarah Hughes featured at the Aberdeen City Council Chambers’ “Women in Research and Innovation” Evening


Have a look at the feature on one of our own ScienceGrrls Berit Rabe

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Twitter: @muddyshoes66
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