ScienceGrrl near you

ScienceGrrl’s greatest asset is its people. In addition to a growing online community, we aim to connect all our UK members with their Local Lead. Local Leads are ScienceGrrl members who are actively involved in supporting and celebrating women in science, technology, engineering and maths in their area. They are the best point of contact for ScienceGrrl members interested in getting involved with local initiatives, and for local organisations looking to connect and collaborate with ScienceGrrl.

So far we have the following Local Leads:

[table nl=”~”]
area, co-ordinator,
Birmingham,Jon Wood,@jonwoodscience,
Coventry & Warwick, Judith Klein, Coventry & Warwickshire FB group,
Essex, Hephzia Tagoe,@Hanat_akordor,
Glasgow,Carla Suciu,@SciGrrlGlasgow
Manchester,Heather Williams,@alrightPET,
Nottingham, Lisa Coneyworth,@LConeyworth,
Preston, Donal Brannigan,@Brannigand,
Sheffield,Melanie Hannah,@melaniehannah7,
Stirling,Rachel Norman,@AFSRachel,
Swansea,Richard Johnston, @DrRichJohnston,

This table provides social media contacts for our Local Leads, so you can contact them directly. If you would like an introduction by e-mail, please contact us.

Some local groups of members have developed into ScienceGrrl chapters, headed up by the Local Lead, who meet socially on a regular basis and deliver regular events or specific projects. We encourage and resource local chapters to explore the opportunities available to them and try out new ideas. In this way we empower and amplify the voices of women in science, technology, engineering and maths at the grass-roots level, in a manner that is organic and suits their skills, abilities, opportunities and availability. This relaxed approach means we also have a lot of fun doing things we care about with people who share that passion. We currently have chapters in Birmingham, Coventry and Warwick, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester.