8 Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]

Teacher? Parent? Big kid? Michael Hervas of Psysci.co recently sent this nice infographic which we wanted to share with you. He says:

We firmly believe that children should be encouraged to learn about science and be involved with science as much as they possibly can be, even from an early age.

And we believe this for two main reasons, firstly science teaches a number of skills that are important in life development, such as the ability to think critically.

Secondly, more great scientists in the world is a huge win for human-kind.

So that’s why we created this infographic, explaining 8 great reasons why we think children should science more.

Science helps children to answer questions about the world they live in by showing them how to think and teaching them the resilience to keep on questioning.

Science doesn’t just teach kids about science, it teaches them about life and how to think independently for their entire lives.”

Well, uh-huh and Amen to that. Thanks Michael!

What reasons would you give?