ScienceGrrl is a broad-based, grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science; a network of people who are passionate about passing on our love of science on to the next generation.

If you would like to support what we’re doing, please join us by becoming a member – it’s only £5 a year!  Most of our members are women who are working scientists, but we also have plenty of non-scientists and men on board – you don’t have to be a science girl to be a ScienceGrrl!

How we began

ScienceGrrl began in 2012 in the Twitter storm surrounding the video used to launch the EU’s ‘Science: It’s Girl Thing’ campaign, which unfortunately didn’t actually feature any real science.

We set about countering this imagery by making the ScienceGrrl 2013 calendar, which showcased the work of a diverse mix of female scientists from a wide range of backgrounds, alongside their male colleagues. 1500 of these calendars are now in offices, schools and kitchens all around the world. The images and biographies from the calendar will live on past 2013 thanks to Futuremorph.  See more about the calendar here. Louise Crane (@lulucrumble) was in charge of production. Not only was the result stunning and widely distributed, but the revenue from the calendar was a major source of funding for our first year’s work – thanks Louise!

In the process of making the calendar, we gathered a network of people who shared our belief that science is for everyone, and wanted to work with us in addressing the under-representation of girls and women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

What we do

Our 2013/14 Strategy is outlined in this document.

We are continuing to strengthen our network online through Twitter, facebook and tumblr. ScienceGrrl members will also soon be able to access a members-only forum via this website, which is designed to provide a safe space where members can discuss issues they’d rather not broadcast on social media.

We are developing local ScienceGrrl chapters –  informal and friendly gatherings which provide peer support and a setting for developing events and programmes which encourage girls and women from the local community to consider a future in science. Do join in the conversation and help shape how ScienceGrrl develops as we move forward. Find out more about our local chapters here.

As well as establishing local connections, we’re also providing a voice for women in science nationally and exploring ways of elevating the profile of women scientists in mainstream culture. We’re keen to collaborate with all who share our vision and values, and are working with a wide variety of organisations, policy makers, media representatives, teachers and schools, and constantly listening out for new ideas for promoting women in science. Find out the latest on what we’re doing nationally and who we’re collaborating with here.

And internationally, we’ve already inspired a similar initiative in France, the WAX network, and have interest from Africa and the United States in helping people set up networks there.

ScienceGrrl is a not-for-profit private company limited by guarantee, company number 08602951. It is run by enthusiastic volunteers, the majority of whom are working scientists. Find out about who makes things happen in ScienceGrrl here.

We’re happy to speak to the media about what we do in science and in ScienceGrrl, so do get in touch through sending us a message or via Twitter.